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An online presence is an effective way to advertise, inform, and sell customers on a business's products or services. Too often, establishing a website falls by the wayside, or a company's website is not optimal for search engines. In a struggling economy, it is even more important that the 25 million small and medium-sized American businesses are able to attract and retain customers. Storeboard is an innovative new website that will provide businesses an affordable and effective web presence. Storeboard is a networking site where each business is able to establish a profile page. On the profile, a business can post contact information, photos, videos, blogs, audios, coupons, products, and links to websites. Businesses can also sell their products through Storeboard. By reducing the barriers to e-commerce that small and mid-size businesses currently face Storeboard provides an easy solution for selling products.

Leveraging Storeboard's platform and features such as the classified section, search functionality, extensive calendar and bulletin board, consumers can find local information such as daily news, weather, community information and upcoming events. This site revolutionizes the way businesses and consumers within a community connect.

Storeboard provides members an ideal platform to sell products and service, send e-mail blasts, and access sales leads. Storeboard provides reliable information to consumers nationwide, while offering small to medium size businesses a valuable new level of Internet exposure and e-commerce.

Businesses are currently unable to take full advantage of the social networking trend. Currently, the 25 million small and medium businesses in America rely on online pay-per-click ads or use existing search engines and directories to connect with customers. For companies in search of a personalized way to connect with customers, Storeboard fills this online void. Storeboard represents the missing link between social networks and business directory sites.